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Hide until due date
Hi! I just downloaded ticktick and i like the simplicity.. My only problem is that i have ADHD and i need a full functioning to do app.. My missing in this app is.. Hide until due date and hide until due time... Is this a future function maybe here or with gstask? Please i need an answer... Doesn't matter if ut is pro version.. I buy if this future is available.. Astrid had this and honestly it saved my marriage... Thank you

Currently, there is no option to hide a task until due date. But we have the block of 'Today' to show only today's tasks for you to manage your tasks more effectively. And we will also take the 'hide' feature into consideration.
Congratulations on your marriage! I know firsthand how much of a challange the gift of ADHD can be, especially on the spouses!

Please understand that I know that everyone of us ADD'rs works differently and so I only give my way of doing things. I am not wanting to take away from your suggestion as that is something that I know many of friends use.

Personally, I like to see everything due. I have all of my repeating tasks set up and they take up most of the screen for "Today". I don't hide any of them and I show everything. This allows me to get ahead at times.

My prayers that you and you spouse continue to grow a stronger and more beautiful marriage.

Thank you ticktick team for the answer...

And fuzzy thank you for the tip i will try it ;-)
It's been a while. Has being able to view the upcoming events worked or is it not your thing?

Develpers, you have my permission to give my email address.
At least in home screen widget on phone - i think - it would be nice to see only todo which are overdue, today or within next 7 (?) days.
I am tired to see every morning, that I will have to fix my roof at the end of the summer :)
Some kind of starting day or hide-until would indeed be necessary. If I have done a daily task, I won't (can't) do it for the next day yet, but I definitely should be doing something bigger with a due date a week from now.

I have been searching for this hiding feature since Astrid lost its support. It was simply brilliant.

Tks for your suggestion.

We will note it down for further consideration.

Tks for your suggestion.

We will note it down for further consideration.
I think an option for repeating tasks to "hide until due" would be good.
I have a repeating daily task to check a webmail account. When I click it as "done" it instantly springs back as tomorrow- - I can only do this tomorrow- it is not something i can do again today and. it would be nice if these daily reminders didnt ididn't clutter up the screen. I think i might have to use two apps - another one for daily reminders - which would be less than ideal..

Perhaps something to add to the pro version?
Hi Rich,

Thanks for contacting us:-)

Why not check your tasks in Today list? Because you will see all your tasks only for today there.
I don't want to see tasks in my today list at 10am if they are not due until 4pm
For me a simple function which deactivates the task is enough (without due date integration). On some days i miss this function to easily make a task inactive. Right now i am pushing the task some days into the future to get rid of it and see it later again and dont loose it.

A more elegant solution would be to have a kind of "parking lot" for tasks which collects inactive tasks. So i can use them later and dont have to write and set up (Reminder, repetition,...) the whole task again. I can easily build up a new task on an older tasks.

Over all, Ticktick rocks, good job :-)
Hi nefacio,

Thanks for sharing us your workaround, and I really appreciate your support. Hope you can enjoy using TickTick:-)
Here is my workaround to having an "inactive tasks parking lot".

- I create a list called "later hidden" and set it to be a hidden list.
- When I have a task which I need to act on later and don't want to have it keep showing up in my "all" or "today" list, I move it to the "later hidden" list.
- I check this list weekly or whatever for any items that need to be moved back to an active, non-hidden list.
thx Jeff for the hint. I used your tipp already and made such a list.
Similar to what Jeff does, I created a list called "Recurring" and put all my regularly recurring tasks into it. Tasks added there are set to not show in "All". When they are due they will show up in the Today list along with anything else due from one of my other lists. Otherwise they won't show up.

Of the many task managers I've tried, most lack this very basic functionality of "hidden until due". The only one that has it is Hiveminder which is basically dead and suffers from many other shortcomings.
@Bill: thx for sharing your way of doing it.

You mean the tasks are hidden, because the list is hidden,or? How come, that the tasks get visible when they are due.

I created a list called "Inactive" and set it as hidden. I put a task in, which is due for today and a task which is repeating every day. Both are not visible in "Inbox" and "Today". According to your description, they both should be visible in the list "Today", because they are due for today.

How can I make Ticktick behave like you mentioned it? >>> Task gets only visible in "Today" when it is due.
Any updates on if this feature is being worked on?
Two year bump. (Four years since it was opened.)
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