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Fast account switching
I am/was a user of gtasks and when I noticed ticktick gave it a whirl and was pretty impressed.

It's unfortunately missing one very important feature for the android version, which is the ability to have multiple accounts that you can toggle between easily. From what I can tell, ticktick's only way to do this would be a lot of keypresses, and involve logging out, etc.

It'd be great if I could jump between accounts like I can in gtasks. I keep two separate lists and the ability to do this is critical for how I use a task app. Keeping everything in one account (even separating with lists, etc) would just not work for me.

(PS: nice work! The webapp is gorgeous and functional.)
Yes, currently, the only way to switch account involves logging out.

We may consider other workaround.
I agree.
I want to use one for my personal tasks and want to share the company account with my staff. But I cant put sensitive tasks on there that should not be privy to staff.

I think switching between accounts or having a password protected task list within the account should be created otherwise can not really share with company.
Hi, Sara Beattie Appointments

I am just wondering whether the 'list sharing' feature can be used as a temporary workaround for you.

For example, you use one account only and some liste are your personal stuffs that you want to keep in privacy while others you want to share with your company. Then, you can share the work-releated list with your collegues so that they can only have access to that list.

Of course, your suggestions have been noted down for further evaluation.
I would like to be able to have multiple accounts and switch easily, much like I do for google inbox. I want work stuff under my work account, tied to my work calendar, and my home stuff on my home account tied to my home calendar.
Hi John Armenia,
I think it's a very reasonable suggestion.
We'll try to realize it in the future.
Thank you!
I am currently using three different task apps ( for immediate personal tasks, Swipes for misc personal tasks, and TickTick for work tasks).

I find myself liking TickTick more and more, as it solves issues I've had with (tasks cannot be auto arranged by due date/time, all tasks are forced to have due date/time after running "moment", even if they aren't urgent tasks, etc). The lack of auto arranging tasks by due date is why I also use Swipes. TickTick seems to be able to do what I use and Swipes for, but rolled into one. However, I cannot use TickTick for both work and personal as it does not yet support multiple accounts without having to log out.

I'd prefer not use just use lists to differentiate between work and personal; multiple accounts would be more ideal. So I definitely second this feature.
Thanks for detailed feedback and your suggestion.
Hi - want to add this request for ways to easily switch between work and personal accounts. any progress? Seems like this thread has been going for several years.
Agreed - this would be an amazingly useful feature... which a lot of other apps and companies seem to be accommodating. Any updates? - Thanks.
Sorry, to support this function is not in our plan.
Do you have any updates for simple mutiple accounts switching?
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