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Export - How can I export my tasks?
I've tested this tool for some time now and really don't like it much. I used to use Astrid, and unfortunately a lot of repeated tasks have been reschedulded too late (sometimes three or four weeks later than they were supposed to be repeated), and that is not very reliable. I would therefore like to export my tasks and try another solution. Is there any such function? Maybe in the Pro version?
We'll release this feature later.
And this is why I don't use TickTick ;)
hmm ... disappointing to not have an export function. would be nice to create an offline backup of any given list. :-\

Log in and click 'avatar' on top right corner to enter Settings>Account to choose 'backup'.
The ONLY ONLY issue that prevent me from definetely adopt Tick Tick and even upgrade to pro IS the lack of export feature. It is a closed system and that is unacceptable in a professional environment. If you're afraid that people leave Tick Tick, you should be even more afraid that they're not coming in because of lacking a safety exit.
If Tick Tick keeps improving and giving the right service level, there is no fear...
Hope you realize this soon so I and others can keep in the users pack.

You are absolutely right and the lack of 'export' feature is not the way to retain users. To be honest, we have no such intention at all.

Now, 'backup' feature is available and the 'export' feature is not a so urgent feature right now.
You're so wrong in that the lack of export not being a way to retain users.

Having this function gives users more comfort in staying with your service (or even signing up in the first place) knowing that they can leave if they leave/move/switch if they wish to.

Additionally, with many users of cloud services on the net likely having experienced at one time or another companies randomly shutting down services at short notice, it's also piece of mind to know you can get your data out whenever you like.

SpringPad *just* recently announced shutting down. Fortunately they allow an export to Evernote.

If you don't think that lack of export bothers people just look at every single negative response so far in this help thread on the topic. Not one single person that responded here seems in anyway content with the lack of it.

EverNote is possibly one of the most popular cloud note/organization/tasking tools online and they allow you to export everything to common formats such as HTML with their philosophy being built around giving users a most excellent enough experience to cause them to want to stay while allowing the freedom to leave.

Thanks for your feedback.

We totally agree with your point and actually, we never deny the importance of 'export' feature. And we have no intention to intentionally hiding this feature in order to retain users.

This is already under planning but needs some time.
Dear TickTick team,
You are doing a great job developing your product, bringing useful features in, improving the UI, listening to the user's and involving them ina community, providing meaningful updates,...BUT... please realize how users or potential users consider the lack of import/export feature as an alarm that blinks and beeps. Indeed so many services have suddently disappeared and so many have left us, the users, with...our pants down...
Pleeeease, consider the development of such a professional opening to the outside world as a positive step. If I would be part of your team (which sometimes I feel like...), I would recommend to implement it as a pro feature. That is a true win-win !
Many thanks anyway.

Thanks for your feedback. We totally agree with your point. Now, at the web interface you can go settings>account to generate a backup and if necessary, you can import the backup back into TickTick later.

Hello folks at TickTick

You have done a great job with GTasks and now with the greater choice of platforms with ticktick.

But I have to echo the points made above. You seem to be going the same way as Todoist who have resisted for years the option to export to a straightforward csv file.

Please understand there are many of using GTasks (or potentially TickTick) where we want (i) the comfort of having a list we can save somewhere on the cloud for ourselves or on a land system at home/office (ii) where it can be much quicker to bulk delete a whole list of project items (e.g. where a job is lost or substantially changed) and (iii) equally much quicker to bulk cut and paste a number of new tasks from a standard project we have delivered before.

With the ticktick backup you are missing the point. a .json export is potentially exportable and can be manipulated via something like Google Sheets but by golly what a pain that would be.

Compare that to GTasks where we always have a parallel copy of tasks which we can easily export from Google any time we like.

The mobile GTasks app is probably the very best compromise albeit the desktop options are less good.

Can you not combine the best of GTasks and ticktick, i.e. mobile and desktop and Google tasks integration?

If not can you please explain quite explicitly whether this is a technical issue makng it difficult integrating with Google tasks or just a policy decision by you?

thank you
Hi, Jonanthan

Thanks for your feedback.

However, I am not 100% sure about your meaning and I will try to explain based on my understanding.

First, as for the export feature, we know that a .json file can not meet all of you's needs and we will consider to offer other file types such as csv when exporting.

GTasks sync with Google Tasks directly while TickTick not. This is mainly a strategic decision due to: 1) web interface of Google Tasks doesn't support features like recurring tasks, attachment and etc. 2) Google Tasks has been lacking of maintenance for years and we don't know whether one day it will be totally abandoned by Google. In other words, we are unable to see a promising future of Google Tasks 3) TickTick web interface is fully independent, which has great potential for future development.

I hope that my above explanation can clarify this issue.
Trying out Tick Tick for the last few days and liking it. The lack of export is an issue.

Does anyone know how to read a JSON file so that I can see the data?
I have tried JSON formatters and can read the code, but not just a simple view of the text/tasks contained.

If anyone can answer this, TickTick can develop the export feature whenever they like because it won't be as necessary.


Thanks for your feedback.

However, I am wondering why you want to view the tasks. The file backed up is mainly for later importing purpose and that's why we adopt the .json file.

But if you really need view tasks, you can open the file with text editing tools like Notepad (the default one under Windows) or TextEdit (the default one under Mac).
I've been using TickTick for some 5 months already, having switched from GTasks (mainly due to recurring tasks, and possibility to add attachments).

However, I think that the possibility to EXPORT is a MUST for me to continue to use TickTick, as I already have more than 130 tasks in total, with quite some info.
Since 2013 this topic is open, and I'd like to know if its going to be done or not. A .json file is not very practical. A DEV mentioned in 2013-07 that the functionality wil be developd later.

I want to have a text backup of my tasks in my local PC, so I can add some relevant info from the tasks to my Gmail contacts and accounts, as well as having backup (just in case).

Hi telle,

Thank you for your feedback!

Well, I am afraid at present TickTick can only generate backup to .json file.

I really understand your requirement, and thank you for your continued concern about this function. We really appreciate that. However, because every time we need to evaluate a lot of new features, and then select just several of them, so there must be a delay. Hope you can understand.

Many thanks:-)
It is very frustrating that I can not export my tasks and Im disappointed that Tick Tick is deliberately withholding this functionality
Hi Zane Trevarton,

TickTick can generate backup to .json file. Could you please tell me what issues did you have when you exported tasks?
I also really like Tick Tick and am evaluating it with a view to migrating from RTM, however lack of export to CSV, together with (apparent) lack of means to bulk add tasks or import, prevents me at present.

I have examined the json output (a format I am unfamiliar with) and the separation of list names from task items would make it a right pain in the arse to parse, even if you could be bothered to write code specifically to do that.

I really cannot believe that generation of a csv to include task name, list name, due date, reminder date, recurrence is a big development job. After all the web version already can generate a print copy. It only need be on the web version and even very basic functionality, like individual lists only, or a limited number of attributes such as list name, task name and due date, would be much much better than the json we are stuck with.

Thanks for a great service, and for your consideration,

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for your suggestion. I would like to add it in our feature request list, so that we can consider it in our future updates:)
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