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How to voice input tasks
You can voice input tasks via ‘note to self’ function on Android. You should first ensure that your phone is equipped with Google Now. With that, simply hit the microphone icon of the Google search box on the top of your home screen. Start by saying ‘note to self’ followed by your task and Google will decipher the text automatically. Then, a pop-up window will appear, asking you to save the task to TickTick for once or always.
FANTASTIC! Adding tasks via voice is a *very* handy thing and much desired. Of course that's a whole can of worms to open and I know it's not easy. I tried it and it does work, but the "downside" is that the task is created as an undated task (therefore practically lost in a mountain of my tasks, 99.9% of which are dated).

It still might be handy to use IF I can remember (not good) to go back, find the task, change its date, etc. Hard to do that if I am driving in traffic, which is the #1 time a thought hits me "oh wait, gotta remember to do XYZ thing TOMORROW, better not forget" and so on. I'll likely create the task via voice while driving but then, later, forget its there, never see it (because it's undated) and presto, function lost.

That's just an illustration. One of the biggest things I'd like to see in TickTick, to bring over from Astrid, is support for keywords--add a task on the web "go to store (tomorrow) (9am)" and a task entitled "go to store" is instantly created, dated tomorrow, reminder at 9 am. Nothing to click, re-edit, adjust, or anything. Similar to that, if the voice input could do it, oh wow would this be a dream.

Just thoughts--still a great start!
PS--I just found a separate question here on the help site that shows how to use "*" followed by keywords. Excellent! So that part IS going already, will try it out. Adding to voice would be brilliant.
PPS--another test creation of "test me again * august 13 3pm" on the web didn't work--it did not recognize "august 13" nor did it recognize "3pm". But "test me * tomorrow 9am" DID work. So it's still good but doesn't recognize arbitrary dates, apparently.
Tks for the comments and ideas about the voice input feature and we will probably further evaluate it.

I just tried at my side by inputting the same content 'test me again*august 13 3pm and it does work as expected. Please make sure that there is no space between * and august. You can try it again.
Yes--the space kills it, so that was the problem on that one ("test me again * ...").
Would be nice to add Tasker plugin for TIckTick, this way we can go around Google Now. The problem with Google Now is that it only works online.

A Tasker plugin would just be a way to let Tasker make commands inside TickTick such as add notes, define time etc.

Or give me the Send Intent commands that TickTick requires to add notes (probably the same ones google now is doing to add the note on ticktick) and I can do it myself.
Are widgets removed from ticktick windows app with latest update - temporarily? Hope to see them added back in, since it's nice to have a compact list on the desktop.
Note to self was working for me but doesn't work any more any one know why

Yes. This is such a HUGE HUGE bummer. "Note-to-self", add new note", etc were all working for so long. Then about six months ago on my previous phone running the previous operating system and this S10 running Pie it no longer works. There's no way to voice -add a (dictate) new note to TickTick which makes taking a lot of notes, which I do, much much more laborious.

Please give us a new solution to enable this feature!
Please consider becoming one of the apps we can choose in Google Assistant for notes and lists! Now the only viable one is Keep which is not at all what I need. Voice control is the future and you need to get on board soon.
Yes some sort of alexa or google voice integration is much needed. I found myself using this feature every single day with Todoist and it's sorely missed :(

Everything else with Ticktick is superior though :)
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