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How to create subtasks
On Android: Select a task item and click the option menu on the top right corner to choose ‘Checklist’. Then, you can create subtasks in checklist mode.

On iPhone: Click the ‘+’ icon to choose subtasks and then, you can enter task title and subtask items in checklist mode.

On Web: Simply click the ‘Checklist’ icon on the top right corner of the right panel. The subtasks will be shown in checklist view.
This would mean that you only support 1 nesting level? How to have a sub-sub-task?
Yes, currently, one 1 nesting level is available at TickTick
Can you add due dates to sub-tasks?
Subtask is more like a checklist item, which is affiliated to the main task and that's why it has no individual due date.
Converting the subtasks in the task - It would be very convenient. And vice versa.
Would such a possibility in the near future?
When a checklist is repeating in nature, it'd be cool if there was a radio button for the new instance to either...

( ) remember checklist completion status, or
( ) clear completed items each iteration.

For example, a regular camping trip task might need all subtask packed & checked again, whereas a regular medicine reminder might benefit from knowing what has already been taken (i.e. the completed subtasks from the prior instance).

Just an idea. :)
Hi Greg,

Thx for your feedback. We've noted it down for reference.
I also look forward to the features mentioned by Greg.
Multiple nesting levels are a much needed addition, along with nesting levels for lists.

Individual notes for each sub task item (checklist item) and the suggestions for individualized dating mentioned by Esan would also be fantastic.


Edit: the ability to drag a task and nest it underneath another task would also be great (perhaps sprucing up the checklist feature would be a good idea, or scrapping it altogether in favor of a wider nesting spectrum within the UI).
@David: I agree completely. Multiple nesting levels and better dragging, also underneath a checklist are an essential feature!!! I m still thinking going Pro/Premium, because this features are missing: is it really worth all that work going deep into TT without that killer features...

Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider multiple nesting level in our future updates:)


I got PRO because now I want to use it for small projects and because I love the interface, both, desktop and app for android. However, for larger poryectos I'm using another task manager since multilevel tasks are basic and their programming in time.

Hopefully this wonderful app some day count with these functions.


I agree! Multiple nesting levels and the ability to schedule subtasks would be AMAZING. I am a grad student and I'm using Tick Tick to help me break down various projects/assignments as well as keep track of the rest of my life. Because of the number of things I have going on right now and varying levels of complexity of each, it helps me to keep broader main categories (like school, work, home, family, errands, wishlists, etc.) and then break them down into smaller and smaller pieces from there (maybe up to 10 sublists?) If I can break it down into small enough tasks, then I can easily schedule them into the calendar so that when I look at my calendar each morning, I know exactly what my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. steps are that day in order to complete all the various things I need to do by the time they need to be done, without feeling overwhelmed by the fact that they are big and complex or worrying that I'm going to forget simple things because I'm so preoccupied with the complex ones.

Thank you for considering these options! All the best.
Hi Alli,

Hope you can understand that these new features as you mentioned need time to evaluate and test, so I can not promise you much at present.

Anyway, your suggestions are always welcomed :)
I love this app. There are many paid apps out that do what everyone seems to want but, as I've often observed, if it's free, everyone complains and wants more. Thanks for the great FREE app.
To everyone who is requesting the multiple sub tasks, If that is how you work that's fine, but to me it seems like you could be using more main tasks.

Check your workflow, if you are documenting sub tasks to sub task you are either focusing too small on your todo list, or not properly using the lists-->task-->subtask workflow. Ticktick essentially gives you three layers this way, if a single task has more than three layers, than it really should be more than one task with 1 or 2 sub tasks... You can try tagging things if that helps too, so skip the parent and list them out as individual tasks but tag them with #clientJohnDoe and they'll be bunched under that tag rather than needing to be a list or main task
I am trying to use this subtask facility ( check-list) but am getting stuck at the following,

I have a task with 15 check-list .
I tick 3 of the check-list items .
I need to add another check-list item but cannot while the task is displayed as check-list view so change it to note view.
Then add my additional subtask and change view back to check-list .

The 3 check-list items that I have ticked become unticked .

Am I misunderstanding the facility?

Hi Jay Bhayani,

Thank you for your feedback.

You don't need to change from checklist to note in order to add a checklist item. You can just put your cursor at the end of a checklist item and then tap "Enter" key to create a new checklist. Please have a try:)
Hi, I have couple questions regarding subtasks...

1. I know free account only support 19 subtasks, but I thought complete tasks will not be counted in? I have 19 subtasks on one of my my task but 8 of the subtasks are checked as completed. But I can't add any more subtasks?

2. If I upgrade to a pro account and share my list with subtasks to other free account. Can they add to the subtask list?
Hi Mo,

Thanks for contacting us:-)

1. It's sure that completed TASKs won't be counted in, but not SUBTASKs. You can check it again:

2.Yes, any recipients can edit the list you share.
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